We have heard the term BULLYING a lot in recent weeks,  So what exactly does the word mean? A Bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker….So naturally when we see this term we automatically associate it from a physically confrontational perspective; However, I find that there is far more BULLYING  going on than some of us might care to admit. It happens EVERYWHERE, in the work place, among family members, and IN THE CHURCH WORLD. You see, I have noticed that if people in power are not able to make someone do what they want or become their yes-man, [ I always envision the queen from coming to america when I talk about YES people]  lol,  then they often times will go to great extremes to discredit you, block promotions, kill your influence and make you feel WEAK & INADEQUATE. It’s a sad day that we are in when you have what it takes to become successful, but you have some unsung hero still carrying a grudge from elementary school about people not letting them play freeze tag or something, who when they finally do get BIG enough to have some authority, they abuse it like the angry little unpopular kid they still are, I call them Biggie Small, Big mouths with small minds ….They have a Saul mentality, angry because though you aren’t the one with power, money, like him the people are praising your achievements,because you are a natural, born to perform, flowing with ease… So now their mission in life is to throw javelins at you and try setting you up with the Michal’s of their house in hopes they can dissuade your friends and embrace your enemies, Listen,   Meeker isn’t always Weaker, and Stronger doesn’t always last longer…One day that Bully is going to have to face the  truth and acknowledge that though they have the place, YOU have the purpose, and refuse to be intimidated. So what you won’t open a door if I don’t bow to you Nebuchadnezzar or perhaps you will close it in your hot displeasure, truth is, if you are such a tough guy, why am I such an issue for you? want to know why? Because BULLY’S no matter what facet they dwell in or who they may be, really are COWARDS. Most of them  have low- self esteem and were just born awkwardly bigger, so they use their SIZE (prominence) to intimidate others, but they have no real fight, and most of them have been given their place of position, paid their way, either way, You are the real threat with having none of those obvious things in tow, so they dangle opportunities in your face just to maintain control over you, The truth is, they fear ever having to really face YOU, full of self assurance, natural finesse, integrity, and resilience…. You see, Bully’s get old (phased out, shrink with age) at some point, and they know this, but what they don’t realize is that time has a tendency of allowing GROWTH spurts (maturity, wisdom, strength)  and just any day now, that Bully won’t be so big anymore, as a matter of fact, they are merely midgets with oversize egos….But you, refuse to put on the armor, and carry the sword, you’ve got enough of what you are made of to defeat every giant and obstacle that tries to hinder you, hurry now ! Although there may be the stench of  yesterday’s sheep’s pen on you, and your sparring partners may have only been the lion and the bear, you’ve got more in your heart than any BULLY you may be facing has in their hand. Get ready to be what they hoped you’d never BECOME….

20 thoughts on “BULLY’S EVERYWHERE…..

  1. This is well written, Dr. Penny! Bully’s are cowards dressed up in scary costumes! Growth and time will cause fear to be eliminated! Bully’s are a result of poor up bringing ~ morals… But they too can be whipped… “Old time get right” LOL!! I look forward to reading more!

  2. Apostle, Thank you for being a blessing to people everywhere throughout the kingdom and the country. What an important and time relevant topic to bring to the forefront. Your words of wisdom are truly needed in this hour both spiritually and secularly. Looking forward to reading your next post!!!


  4. I truly enjoyed reading this topic in bullying.
    As a matter of fact anything that Dr. Penny
    writes, I make sure I read. A woman of integrity, wisdom and she’s anointed who takes the time to teach, preach, counsel, and writes. I’m just bless to have a chance to read her writings!

  5. Dr. Penny… I thank you for being a Leader with a relevant word. PennymakesSense is a breath of fresh air and life to the reader…it was like the young girl in me pushing the grown woman into purpose…no more hinderances, delays, or denials. I am Blessed and I’m thankful for a Leader who is skilled in the spirit, natural, church, and the world…you make me Proud! Love It! Love You!

  6. Greetings Dr. PENNY, I was bullied alot by my family when i was younger and what I quickly realized is they know who would not fight back. Well, needless to say things have changed alot. You have to let the devil know…now their tactics have changed and they come against me in numbers. They hate the FIGHT in me….how dear I dream, how could I have so much FAITH. It seems their goal is too try an destroy me no matter the cost.

  7. Dr. Penny, really enjoyed this piece… the line that stuck with me was – ” You are the real threat with having none of those obvious things in tow, so they dangle opportunities in your face just to maintain control over you…” – this is the truth if I ever heard it…

  8. This is so true! Working with children we deal with the bullying issue a lot but as we can see not only is it running loose with children but adults. Thank you for breaking down how the bully operates. Loved it Apostle!

  9. The worse kind of bully is a church bully. You have been taught to submit and follow, so feel powerles in a sense and rebellious if you do fight sgainst it. You have spoken truth here.

  10. Bullying is a very pertinent issue within the realms of education; as an educator, i’ve had many bouts with bullies and with those being bullied. It is a sad day that we are living in when so-called “Christians” kill your influence or plant negative seeds in the ears of others just to make themselves look good. What’s even more dishbeartening, is that those who listen to the negativity actually believe the foolishness, and ruin potentially good relationships because they can’t formulate their own opinion or think for themselves. I pray that the true love of Christ returns to the Christianity!

    • I agree with you L.E.A, that is why we must be careful of the conversations and the individuals that we allow to embrace us, because what we allow to enter the ear; it unlocks the heart. Bullying in the church, school, home,work-place, playground and in relationships should not be tolerated. As individuals that know better we should strive to do better! This is why true discernment, prayer and relationship with G-d is so essential in the kingdom.

  11. 1st I would like to say…. This blog’s owner is awesome. Full of knowledge and wisdom. This is surely of G-D! It is sure to help and change lives. Thank you Dr. Penny for not only teaching spiritual principles but life principles. This story is certainly a true everyday occurence for many people. Thank you for shedding light and helping everybody!!!! Congrats!! KEEP ON BLOGGING GREAT WOG! Looking 4ward to the next post!!!

  12. Apostle Apostle Apostle…I feel like you are here with me right now because this blog truly blessed me and I felt so empowered to handle this “Bully” situation in the workplace. You are so on point and no matter what the subject you allow God to speak through you with sheer excellence. I am encouraging all of my coworkers to subscribe to your blog as well as reading this post so that where two or three gather together we can unite and to defeat the enemy the right way. I love you, miss you, and I can’t wait for the next one!

  13. WOW…very enlighting! Never thought of the term Bullying in Church, yet it is profound and true. Thanks Dr. Penny for bringing this to light. WONDERFUL!

  14. You Dr. Penny thank u so much for speaking for those of us that are tiered of bullies.. THEY try to make us think if we dont support every thing they think of to promote them we will not prosper. You helped me this night. They do try to blackball you n say hurtful things when GOD TELLS YOU TO RUN. THEY cant open doors for anybody cUse they are to busy m as tryin to get in doors not realizin theyve already been where they are going. I pray God continues to take

  15. Bishop you have just written my story! The church I left had two sisters that were Bullies!! Finally, I had, had enough of them and resigned. I moved on after the death of my husband and was Blessed by your ministry last month at the women’s conference at Fresh Word Kingdom Assemblies in Cherry Hill, N.J. Thank you for such a powerful, powerful word.

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