THE ORIGINAL SCANDAL…….pulpit politics

I am almost certain that most of America has seen the highly viewed series that comes on every week, entitled “SCANDAL” with the intelligent yet sultry Olivia Pope who is not only having an affair with what many call the sexiest President on night-time TV to date “FITZ”, but she is also in the words of the legendary singer Betty Wright “THE CLEAN-UP WOMAN”….That’s right, she is the one that cleans up every scandalous situation that arises surrounding the countries political or wealthy elitists… Why? because regardless of what these people have done, they are considered a “commodity” to the government or business world; in fact, in the grand scheme of things their philandering, criminal activity MUST not get in the way, they are the countries gods, and they must always maintain a certain image before the people, no matter how many babies have to be aborted, bodies have to be discarded or lives destroyed. Yes, here comes Olivia Pope to the rescue, who has her own “dirty secrets” as well. Well, maybe not too secret, because you see, more than one person goes to the laundromat, they may all have differing stains, but at the end of the day the common denominator is,  if you are washing clothes, you got DIRT too, so everybody at the “laundromat” of life get’s to talk about how they get their stuff clean, what they use to get it clean, etc. I hope you see the metaphoric image I’m creating here, there are some who know her dirt, because they all have dirt. So, I guess its safe to say that Olivia’s secrets are not so secretive, because in THAT world, dirt attracts dirt. Well every Thursday night  twitter and Facebook are buzzing over this sensationalized show “SCANDAL” and I must admit, I love the show too, for two reasons, one, because not only is it extremely intense and interesting, but secondly, because it is a reality within the world I have given my life to “THE CHURCH”.  The church world would give even Olivia Pope a headache if she had it for a client. I have the opportunity to travel this country and to speak in some of the greatest churches and meet some of the most wonderful people. But I have also had a panoramic view of the not so good, and not so wonderful. One of the most disappointing observations I have come to terms with growing up in the church, is how judgmental the church is concerning everything, except the things that affect their money and their fame. I have watched great ministry gifts cast away either because they were married more than once, or were not well-known enough and treated like second class citizens for other so-called gifts who may not have been married twice, but they are fornicators, substance abusers, liars and to be honest just not saved. I want to make this clear, GIFTING is not synonymous to SALVATION, Romans 11:29, needs to be clearly understood, Paul is saying, that when God gifts and calls an individual, it is “The gift and calling” irrevocable, he doesn’t take it back, he’s not an indian giver, BUT the travesty in the abuse of this grace, is that, though they may have the GIFTS and the cheers of the crowd, GOD has left the building. See, its like this, you may have been married, spouse gave you gifts and you even shared the same last name, for once that relationship is over, even if they don’t take back their name or the gifts they gave to you throughout the years, guess what ? IT’S OVER….I don’t care how you lie to your friends and say, everything is good between you and them, keep their last name, even pull out the diamond still in your possession that was given to you, you still DON’T have that relationship anymore. But guess what is even worse than that, the CHURCHES that embrace them know and don’t care. They are concerned only about the three P’s…{ Prominence, Propagation,Publicity} YUP, you MUST have these three P’s…and if you do, you can DO whatever you want and you will not only be invited, but defended and covered ! Fortune 500 companies are not that obvious. Where else can you go and be crucified & ostracized for wearing too much make-up, or an outfit that reveals a bit much, or your nails are too long, or a brother’s hair isn’t cut low enough, BUT if you have the Three P system working in your favor, You can be pregnant without a husband and be paid major money to come and do concerts, you can have a penchant for young boys and girls , be a functioning alcoholic, and be the keynote  speaker at every one of their conferences, and guess what ? there will be so many people there, you’d be lucky to even get a seat, coming to hear GIFTS who have lost GOD along the way and are being promoted by the churches  that  enable, oops I meant invite them. No wonder they don’t change their ways, how can they when the church keeps inviting them in spite of;  it is a clear message of approval, what they are in fact are “ENABLERS”…. and sorry charlie, there is no place for enabling activity in Christ. This is my dear readers  the ORIGINAL SCANDAL…. As long as the money is coming, the crowd is big, and the person has a name that has been televised more than a few times , BINGO ! that’s who they want. Hey, give us  Barabbas & lets Kill Jesus ! Sure, no one is perfect, but you can’t get forgiveness if you never apologize and seek to change.  Now to those of you who say, That’s why I don’t go to church now or that’s why I have changed my religion, let me say this to you, EVERY church is not like that, every leader is not Mammon consumed, or a glutton for Glory. There are some great ministries, My Blog today is speaking on the infiltration of this activity that has ravaged the church world as we know it. Pastors whatever you do, don’t become like these I have written about today, though it may be tempting to have a large gathering at your church and to have a lot of money raised for your conferences, don’t ever substitute the anointing and become a pulpit pimp in search of a temple whore. The Anointing always WINS !  Keep your head up, it may be taking longer when you’re doing it right, but always remember, The Blood will Never Lose it’s Power. There is a time clock ticking away, tick, tock, tick….because as sure as God’s Word is real,  there’s a BOOM coming. HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL (high and lifted) HUMPTY DUMPTY HAD A GREAT FALL (Proverbs 16:18 )  AND ALL THE KING’S HORSES AND ALL THE KING’S MEN ( people with status & fame )  COULD NOT PUT HUMPTY DUMPTY BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Sit tight  and watch God, it won’t be as long as it has been, because when God finishes, even Olivia Pope will have to say, I quit,  I can’t fix what God has destroyed !


We have heard the term BULLYING a lot in recent weeks,  So what exactly does the word mean? A Bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker….So naturally when we see this term we automatically associate it from a physically confrontational perspective; However, I find that there is far more BULLYING  going on than some of us might care to admit. It happens EVERYWHERE, in the work place, among family members, and IN THE CHURCH WORLD. You see, I have noticed that if people in power are not able to make someone do what they want or become their yes-man, [ I always envision the queen from coming to america when I talk about YES people]  lol,  then they often times will go to great extremes to discredit you, block promotions, kill your influence and make you feel WEAK & INADEQUATE. It’s a sad day that we are in when you have what it takes to become successful, but you have some unsung hero still carrying a grudge from elementary school about people not letting them play freeze tag or something, who when they finally do get BIG enough to have some authority, they abuse it like the angry little unpopular kid they still are, I call them Biggie Small, Big mouths with small minds ….They have a Saul mentality, angry because though you aren’t the one with power, money, like him the people are praising your achievements,because you are a natural, born to perform, flowing with ease… So now their mission in life is to throw javelins at you and try setting you up with the Michal’s of their house in hopes they can dissuade your friends and embrace your enemies, Listen,   Meeker isn’t always Weaker, and Stronger doesn’t always last longer…One day that Bully is going to have to face the  truth and acknowledge that though they have the place, YOU have the purpose, and refuse to be intimidated. So what you won’t open a door if I don’t bow to you Nebuchadnezzar or perhaps you will close it in your hot displeasure, truth is, if you are such a tough guy, why am I such an issue for you? want to know why? Because BULLY’S no matter what facet they dwell in or who they may be, really are COWARDS. Most of them  have low- self esteem and were just born awkwardly bigger, so they use their SIZE (prominence) to intimidate others, but they have no real fight, and most of them have been given their place of position, paid their way, either way, You are the real threat with having none of those obvious things in tow, so they dangle opportunities in your face just to maintain control over you, The truth is, they fear ever having to really face YOU, full of self assurance, natural finesse, integrity, and resilience…. You see, Bully’s get old (phased out, shrink with age) at some point, and they know this, but what they don’t realize is that time has a tendency of allowing GROWTH spurts (maturity, wisdom, strength)  and just any day now, that Bully won’t be so big anymore, as a matter of fact, they are merely midgets with oversize egos….But you, refuse to put on the armor, and carry the sword, you’ve got enough of what you are made of to defeat every giant and obstacle that tries to hinder you, hurry now ! Although there may be the stench of  yesterday’s sheep’s pen on you, and your sparring partners may have only been the lion and the bear, you’ve got more in your heart than any BULLY you may be facing has in their hand. Get ready to be what they hoped you’d never BECOME….